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Honeywell House

Ladies and Gentlemen in Training

Ladies and Gentlemen in Training

Presented by Lori Franzen

Honeywell House

Sat. March 25 at 11 am

This event offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn the proper skills for any dining situation. During this luncheon, they will learn the importance of proper dining conversation and other simple courtesies that will help them become more confident at any table. In addition, the children will be instructed on setting the table, table manners, and use of their utensils. This program is recommended for ages 6-12. 

Menu: chicken and rice soup, chicken breast with lemon butter sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a brownie sundae.

$25 per person

Dr. Ford Home exhibits and events are made possible by the generous support of

Ford Meter Box Foundation, Inc.

 Mosier's Tarps

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