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Erin Patton McFarren: Natural Histories

On display Dec. 1 - Jan. 1

Clark Gallery

Honeywell Center

This collection of work is a marking of time and place, informed by the piercing markers of loss and the experience of healing. It is a performative process in collaboration with natural elements, rooted in meditation. The cyanotypes are made with non-toxic materials that interact with sunlight and bodies of water.

“As I sit and watch reflections dance on the ever-changing surface, I collect the movement of water over paper. I watch the sunlight slowly change colors on paper, shifting shapes and my state of being. This work grows into a celebration of life and records all that is beautiful in the present.

These pieces were created locally in Fort Wayne’s three rivers and other destinations; Lake Michigan, the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania and the Peconic Bay along the North Fork of Long Island. 


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