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The Honeywell Foundation

All Honeywell Arts & Entertainment offerings are presented by The Honeywell Foundation, a nonprofit arts organization located in Wabash, Indiana. Founded in 1941 by industrialist Mark C. Honeywell, the organization now impacts hundreds of thousands of guests each year by inspiring all ages through the arts.

Art experiences are interactive, uplifting, inspiring, exciting, and engaging. A community with a strong connection to the arts thrives socially and economically.

Honeywell creates such a connection with the region by providing arts-based opportunities such as live concerts, visual art programs, family festivals, and recreational events.

Mark C. Honeywell

"May it ever be useful to them."
- Mark C. Honeywell

1952 dedication of the Honeywell Center, the inaugural project of the newly established Honeywell Foundation

Mark C. Honeywell
Honeywell Heating
Honeywell Center Groundbreaking
Mark C. Honeywell with violin
Honeywell Center 1950s gym

Mark C. Honeywell

Born and raised in Wabash, Indiana in the latter part of the 19th century, Mark C. Honeywell was once a young entrepreneur seeking success in business. He found success with an ingenious start-up venture in his beloved hometown.

Honeywell Inc.

In the early 20th century, Mr. Honeywell developed the first water heating systems and automatic thermostats in North America. Industrial ingenuity catapulted him to great financial success and put his Honeywell Heating Specialties business on the map.

The Honeywell Foundation

Mr. Honeywell was regarded as one of the most successful industrialists of his day, but was as equally passionate about the arts and philanthropy as he was about business.


In 1941, he founded The Honeywell Foundation to oversee development and construction of the Honeywell Memorial Community Center (now known as the Honeywell Center) in downtown Wabash. Originally a combination gym/performing arts theatre, Mr. Honeywell designed the facility to be “ever useful” to the residents throughout Indiana.

Honeywell Arts & Entertainment

After 80 years of exponential growth and the acquisition of additional properties, the Honeywell Arts & Entertainment brand was established in late 2020 to better represent the multiple venues and variety of programming offered by The Honeywell Foundation.

Honeywell offerings take place online and at seven unique venues in Wabash, and include:

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, The Honeywell Foundation relies on the support of our generous donors and supporters. Gifts of all sizes make an impact!

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