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Honeywell Partner Venues

Honeywell Arts & Entertainment partners with venues across Indiana and Ohio.

The Honeywell team offers expertise, leadership, and services ranging from booking talent to guest relations and marketing support.


These relationships benefit both venues, as they increase opportunities for a wider range of talent while ensuring independent venues can thrive in today's competitive world with larger entertainment entities.

In 2023, Honeywell presented a total of 139 live performances at the Honeywell-owned and partner venues.

Interested in becoming a partner? Our network continues to grow! Contact us for information.



Our Partners


The Paramount

Anderson, IN

Capacity 1445


The Embassy

Fort Wayne, IN

Capacity 2465


Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

Fort Wayne, IN

Capacity 13,000


The Mill

Terre Haute, IN

Capacity 2500-10,000


Emens Auditorium

Muncie, IN

Capacity 3300


The Morris

South Bend, IN

Capacity 2410


Loeb Stadium

Lafayette, IN

Capacity 3000


Veterans Memorial Civic Center

Lima, OH

Capacity 1774


Long Center

Lafayette, IN

Capacity 1075


Hobart Arena

Troy, OH

Capacity 3700

History of Partner Venues

Over the years, the business of booking and promoting live shows has become a challenge for small organizations. To summarize, the number of venues you represent equals the options you have, in regard to both show selections and dates.  

As an artist’s agent coordinates a cross-country tour, they benefit from the efficiency of having one point of contact for multiple shows at multiple venues rather than working with independent venues for a single performance. Large, global entities and concert promoters gain a competitive edge in this realm, which poses a challenge for independent venues. 

Honeywell Arts & Entertainment Program Director Bill Kelley explains “There are a lot of single venues out there competing for the same acts.” 

In 2020, with live shows on pause, Honeywell addressed that growing challenge by taking steps to expand regionally in order to become more competitive in the booking world.

“We began by partnering with the Veterans Memorial Civic Center in Lima, and were able to present a two-show offer, which grabbed attention of agents and allowed for more negotiation in artist fees,” said Kelley.

After the success of working with The Civic Center, additional partnerships were formed. These relationships range from providing booking services for one or two shows a year to providing booking and marketing services for most shows on their schedules. 

“We began offering three, four, and even five show offers for one act to perform across the region,” says Kelley. And a five-venue offer definitely gets attention. In fact, agents now call us in advance to reserve dates for a particular show. 

The partner venues also gain an advantage by working with Honeywell and Kelley, who has over 25 years experience in the industry with a resume that includes time with Live Nation and Madison Square Garden Entertainment.


“With our experienced team, Honeywell is in a great position to offer support to our partners,” said Tod Minnich, Honeywell CEO. 

“With independent venues facing the challenge of competing with large entities, these partnerships are a way for smaller arts organizations to band together to ensure we all continue to thrive.”

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