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An Exclusive Beatles Excursion

London   |   Liverpool   |   Sept. 8-1 5, 2024

Limited spots remain!

Join us on a once in a lifetime, curated tour  to experience the music and history of The Beatles like never before.

We’ll cover every corner of the Beatles map, from the well-known spots like Abbey Road and Penny Lane to more obscure locations like the grave of Eleanor Rigby.


You'll visit the exact Abbey Road studio the Beatles used, sit in the same old bar booths the band sat at, stand in the hall where Lennon and McCartney first met, and turn in at the end of each day to your comfortable room at the 'Fab Four' star Hard Day's Night Hotel while in Liverpool.


What's included:

Exclusive access to locations not available to the public

Coach bus transportation to each location, including the drive from London to Liverpool

Breakfast and five group lunches and dinners are included

Lodging in London and Liverpool

Interested in learning more?

Submit the form below for immediate access to our 2024 Beatles Excursion guide, including pricing. You can also call or email anytime!

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