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Corporate Giving


Ford Meter Box Foundation, Inc.

Since 1911 Ford Meter Box has called Wabash home. Starting with water meter settings, the company has grown to become the premier manufacturer of water meter setting and testing equipment, service line valves and fittings, and pipeline products. Ford Meter Box stands on a 100 year legacy, delivering waterworks products to sixty countries around the globe.


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Ford Meter Box Foundation, Inc.

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Why partner with us?

With 6 venues, a wide variety of programs, and the best in entertainment, the Honeywell Foundation enriches quality of life for your employees, customers, and stakeholders through one-of-a-kind arts and cultural experiences...

Corporate Giving Programs

Community Outreach in business is an invaluable tool for building a brand. When customers see philanthropic community involvement by a business or organization, it creates an emotional connection and trust with the brand.

The Honeywell Foundation offers numerous opportunities to help your brand cultivate those priceless connections with your guests and customers.

What Our Partners Are Saying

"As mayor of the City of Wabash, I proudly support Honeywell Arts & Entertainment. The programs offered attract guests from our region, state and beyond. The City of Wabash is a jewel and Honeywell Arts & Entertainment is a leading reason why."

- Scott Long, Mayor of Wabash


"Wabash County is blessed to have such an outstanding organization and community partner in the Honeywell Foundation.  We love to support the programs and services that they offer as it reaches far and wide to the betterment of our community!"

-Brian Howenstine, Wabash Hardware and Rental

"The Honeywell Foundation is the driving force in our community’s exposure to the arts.  Their many programs expand the human mind and enhances ones creativity."

-Scott Buehrer, B. Walter & Co.

Contact us

Eric Seaman

Eric Seaman

Development Officer



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