Our Team


Incredible leadership and guidance is provided by our Board of Directors, which serves as the legal, governing body of The Honeywell Foundation.

These energetic and innovative individuals are committed to overseeing the mission, vision, financial health, and management of the organization.

Howard Halderman, Chair

Sally Krouse, Vice-Chair

Amy Sullivan, Treasurer

Kevin Willour, Secretary

Angie Beauchamp

Richard Church

Phyllis Downey

Amy Ford

Steve Ford

Lisa Gilman

Dave Haist

Rick Henvey

Tod Minnich

Jeanne Mirro

Tade Powell

Bruce Trump


Life Members are very special to The Honeywell Foundation. Over the years, our Life Members have essentially helped plant the seeds for our future success.

Kim Clark
Larry Curless
Steve Downs
John Forrester
Janet Halderman

Tom Hodson
Pete Jones
Hank Leander
Naomi Porter
Charles Tiede


Just as our Board and Life Members are critical to the foundation of our structure, the Committee of Thirty serves as a vital piece in allowing us to take exciting steps towards our future. 

Lance and Shelley Agness
Jim and Mary Anne Bain
Brent and Lana Barnhisel
Michael and Angela Beauchamp
Parker and Katie Beauchamp
Bob and Sally Brodbeck
Kim and Margie Clark

Larry and Anne Curless

Jerry and Norma Ferguson

Richard Ford

John and Gayle Forrester
John and Ana Gackenheimer
Greg and Paula Garner
David and Patty Grant
David and Sandra Haist
Bob and Janet Halderman

Howard and Kari Halderman
Tom and Jan Hodson
Henry and Louise Leander
Robert and Peggy McCallen
Joe and Jenny McSpadden
Bruce and Lisa Trump
Steve and Linda Van Voorhis
Anonymous (6)


Susan Beckett

Dennis Dickos

Kaye Dorais

Phyllis Downey

Ana Gackenheimer

Steve Hentgen

Posy Jasen

Doug Lehman

Susie Jones

Patsy Myers

Amy Sullivan

Richard Tucker


It takes a large team of dedicated staff members to keep the parts of The Honeywell Foundation moving. The Honeywell Foundation is fortunate to have a team of enthusiastic individuals that work together to manage our venues and programs. Interested in joining our team? Check out our Careers page.