Wedding Celebrations

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Honeywell Hospitality offers multiple venues, indoor and outdoor locations, a wide range of capacities, and an experienced team of event planners, an executive chef, and professional service staff. 

Wedding Events

~ Engagement Parties

~ Bridal Showers

~Rehearsal Dinners



~Wedding Brunches

Honeywell Weddings

Our Venues

Honeywell wedding venues include the Honeywell Center, Eagles Theatre, Honeywell House, Charley Creek Gardens, and 13-24 Drive In.

Rooms range in size, capacity, ambiance, and atmosphere, and even include outdoor options.

Check out our RoomFinder or call us and we'll help you choose.

Our location, variety of venues, and unlimited ways to treat your guests (and yourself!) make Wabash the ideal destination for your wedding celebration.