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Dinner & Cocktail/Wine Pairing

Fri. May 17

Eugenia’s Restaurant

Honeywell Center

Reservations for this event have ended.

Reservations closed

The weather isn’t the only thing warming up! This multi-course dining experience features fiery dishes from around the world accompanied by select cocktails and wines.

Course One

Choice of:

 Indian Rista, a lamb meatball curry in red chili powder and spices or Asian Adobo Chicken Wings marinated in rice vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic with ginger-enriched dipping sauce

Cocktail pairing: Guava Goddess Shot

Course Two

Choice of Korean Braised Short Ribs slow-cooked and infused with savory sauce or Latin American Sancocho, a stew with root vegetables and various cuts of meat

Wine pairing: Gewürztraminer

Course Three

Choice of Latin American Quesillo, a Venezuelan version of flan / crème caramel or Asian Tempura Apples delicately fried and served with custard and strawberries

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