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Honeywell Arts & Entertainment Announces Facilities Department Retirements

Honeywell Arts & Entertainment has announced the retirement of two veteran team members of the Facilities Department. Terry Pence, who worked at Honeywell for 14 years before retiring in March 2022, and JR Reed, who retired in August 2022 after a seven-year career. Both served as valuable members of the facilities team.

“Terry and JR have been key to the success of our Facilities Department by combining their strengths, experience, and skills in supporting the significant growth of the Foundation. They are the epitome of our Honeywell core values: teamwork, innovation, excellence, service, and stewardship. We wish them all the best during their retirement,” said Tod Minnich, Honeywell CEO.

Terry Pence

Prior to joining Honeywell, Pence owned a window and siding business for a number of years. Along with general construction knowledge, he is best known for his carpentry work and painting. In addition to facilities painting, Pence is known for his talent as an artistic painter.

Pence’s contributions during his 14 years at Honeywell were many, including the painting and restoration of the 13-24 Drive-In marquee, painting of the majority of the lobby and Eugenia’s during the Honeywell Center lobby remodel, and painting most of the Eagles Theatre during the Eagles restoration. He also has a number of decorative and detailed woodworking projects that can be found around the Honeywell Center and other properties.

Pence has been highly involved in the repair and repainting of the Clarkson House. Though he is retiring, he plans to continue part-time work with Honeywell, specifically with preventative maintenance and painting projects.

He and his wife, Cindy, live in Wabash where they enjoy their extended family of children and grandchildren.

JR Reed

Reed joined Honeywell in July 2015 after working for years as a foreman for a general contractor, as well as the maintenance director for local businesses. His vast knowledge of general construction has been a tremendous asset and he is best known for his carpentry work and concrete work, and his experience with plumbing, electrical, food service equipment, and HVAC. Among his many accomplishments over the past seven years has been his involvement in the finish carpentry and trim work at Eagles, which required a high level of skill.

Reed and his wife, Liz, have a daughter and granddaughter and are residents of Wabash.


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