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NEW Eagles Theatre Exhibit

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The Honeywell Center’s Clark Gallery is featuring Eagles Theatre in Fall 2020

Like much of our programming within the Honeywell Foundation, the Clark Gallery in the Honeywell Center has gone virtual this year. This fall’s featured exhibit is one of up-close and grandeur detail...

The Eagles Theatre Exhibit is currently on display in the Clark Gallery showcasing side-by-side views of the facilities before and after the renovation; from the exterior and gloomy basement to the reinvigorated Parkview Ballroom and retrofitted Ferguson Theatre. These images, photographed by Eric Schoening and Daniel Showalter, show the huge undertaking of renovating this historic property.

The Eagles Renovation Project combined nostalgia with modern upgrades and amenities including the Parkview Ballroom, 49-seat Ferguson Theatre, INGUARD Editing Rooms, Genita Speicher Music Rooms, Sweetwater Backstage, and Ford Meter Box Lobby, to name a few.

Prints of select photographs are available for purchase. Bring the Eagles Theatre nostalgia into your home or office, or gift them during the holidays.

The Clark Gallery is open to visitors Monday through Friday from 11 am - 2 pm (please wear a mask and practice social distancing).

To watch the virtual Eagles Exhibit unfold via social media, follow along on Facebook or Instagram!


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