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Introducing Honeywell Arts & Entertainment

All of us here at The Honeywell Foundation are excited to announce a new brand: Honeywell Arts & Entertainment.

The new name encompasses all six venues and the Honeywell Foundation's rich variety of arts programming. It comes after months of planning and research as well as decades of organizational growth.

“The Honeywell brand has evolved during our 80 year history,” Honeywell Foundation CEO Tod Minnich said. “We’ve expanded from one venue to six locations. The new website will allow guests to easily find all our events, programs, and offerings in one convenient location.”

Honeywell Arts & Entertainment offerings include:

  • Live performances

  • Movies

  • Festivals & Family Events

  • Dining Events

  • Education & Enrichment

  • Venue Rental & Catering

Offerings primarily take place at six venues:

Experience the rejuvenated website at! The site combines all previous separate, venue-specific websites and allows you to customize your search by venue, event type, and genre.

Thank you for joining us on this journey! The Honeywell Foundation continuously looks for ways to grow and improve, but we couldn't do it without friends like you. Thank you for your faithful support of the arts.

A special note, The Honeywell Foundation as an entity remains unchanged and refers to the nonprofit structure and support that make Honeywell Arts & Entertainment possible.


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