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Serving Families Year-Round | Tracey's Story

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Tracey Myers' family has enjoyed a mixed batch of Honeywell offerings over the years. She and her son Jiaye are especially excited about the summer theatre program, which will soon be expanding to offer more opportunities throughout the year.

“Four of my children have enjoyed the benefits of Honeywell programs including summer theatre, music lessons, and even cooking classes," says Tracey, "These programs have been such a huge part of their growing up and helped develop confidence in their abilities while forming bonds with other members of our community. Summer theatre genuinely is woven into the fabric of our family. Summer vacations, getting summer jobs, and partaking in other summer activities all revolve around the program...”

Jiaye, 8th Grade: “I’ve loved every single show I have been in, including The Little Mermaid, Annie, Rapunzel, the Various Acts, and All Together Now. I was excited that they announced they were going to be doing an all-year theatre program. I didn't have many opportunities to show my talents for acting and singing, but now, I can do that more often. It's a very great way to make friends and bond with the people who have the same interests.

Honeywell summer theatre and other education programs are made possible by the generous support of donors. Learn about how you can make a difference by supporting Honeywell:


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